Blackpool 2014

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It’s official, Travis and Jaimee have been invited to Blackpool! This spring they will be competing in the Theatre Arts Exhibition Championship at the prestigious Blackpool Dance Festival in Blackpool, England. This is an opportunity that few receive and Travis and Jaimee are looking forward to dancing, for their second time, in the beautiful Empress Ballroom at the Winter Gardens.


  1. Thank you Jamie and Travis for coming to Lexington!
    Your coaching was so helpful-so many “aha” moments.
    I learned so many things and solified other concepts that i had rattling around.
    I appreciate you taught things that I may have learned in one dance but that will help across my other dances!
    I can’t wait till you come back and we get to work on the theater arts (lifts!)!

    Sincerely-Ginger Eade, Ballroom House, Lezington, KY

    • Ginger,

      It was so wonderful seeing you. Glad to hear travis wasn’t too scary 🙂 We look forward to seeing you again soon, but until then, take care and Happy Dancing!!

      Travis and Jaimee

  2. We really enjoyed watching you dance in Sarasota, Fl. and getting to talk briefly with Travis. We will follow your careers and wishing you much success. Look forward to seeing you again, perhaps in Orlando, New Orleans, or Sarasota again. You’re both fantastic and God Bless You. Sincerely, Tom.

    • Thank you Tom! we really appreciate your support and kind words. XXXX T&J

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