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  1. I wonder if you could give me a call regarding a show?
    I am a student of Jean Michels and Gemmas . I’ve seen you at the studio many times. I teach PE near Englewood, and we do a DWTStars show at school.
    Barbara Muller
    It’s Sunday 2/26 th today~Either I’m home, or you can leave a “good time to call back” message!

  2. Hi Travis… I am still trying to find a date and have added a few possibilities to my origianal “plan!”

    I don’t know if you and Jaimee would be interested, but I wanted to check with you again before I move on….

    1. Are you interested/available on any of these dates below…..?

    I need 3 Smooth dances… fancy as you’d like, .. or not!
    Here’s a LINK to a dance from Gemma and Mechyks last show for us, at 23:50…
    They dance 3X and JMichel and Jaki also dance 3 X…..


    Barbara Muller
    TH FRI
    13 14
    20 21
    11 12

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