Travis was born in Nampa, Idaho which is about 30 minutes outside of Boise.  He is the youngest of 5 kids and the “runt” of the litter.  Travis was raised on his family’s farm where he learned to work hard at an early age, he helped with everything from cleaning the barn and irrigation to driving tractor.

His family sold the farm when he was 14; afterward, Travis began working with his brothers mowing lawns and landscaping.  In that same year, a couple from BYU started offering social dance classes for youth in the area.  Travis would say that his cousins convinced him to go, but everyone knows he went to meet girls.  After a short period of time, he found that it wasn’t just the girls that kept him coming back to class, rather he really enjoyed dancing and saw himself improving.

The following year Travis’ teachers, Shae and Perry Taylor, encouraged him to attend a ballroom dance summer camp at BYU-Idaho.  It was at these camps that Travis would meet Jaimee and where she would show absolutely no interest in him.  It wasn’t until they would reunite in college that she would finally see how amazing Travis really was.  The summer camps further ignited Travis’ love for dance, and he would return each summer until his senior year.

The last year of attending summer camps, Travis was given an invitation to be a part of a competitive formation team in Utah.  After lots of pleading, his parents decided to let him leave home for his Senior year of High School.  So, Travis moved to Pleasant Grove, Utah to dance on PG’s Ballroom team.  Obviously this is not very conventional, but the opportunities for dance are much greater in Utah than in the Boise area.  The team experience there pushed Travis to improve tremendously, mostly due to his coaches John and Julie Peterson.  His hard work at Pleasant Grove earned him a scholarship at Brigham Young University.

After graduating High School, Travis deferred his scholarship and admittance to BYU to serve as a missionary for his church in Puebla, Mexico for two years.  While on his mission he learned the value of strong convictions and hard work.  An added benefit to living in Mexico, Travis learned to speak Spanish fluently.

The two years flew by and after only two weeks of being home, Travis left again to attend BYU.  At this point of Travis’ life, he wasn’t sure how much longer he would continue to dance.  So far, dance had been just a hobby for him.  His plan had been to go to school and get an education to get a good job, the only thing is he didn’t quite know what that job was.  The only subject that seemed to keep his attention was dance.

Throughout college, Travis continued to dance for the formation team where he had many great experiences and opportunities.  He was also fortunate enough to be reunited with Jaimee.  They became great friends and only friends at first, because Travis was still using dance to meet other girls.  But, their friendship soon blossomed into a beautiful romance that led them down the aisle.

With Jaimee’s help, Travis was able to see that dance could be more than just a hobby.  The success and encouragement they had as amateurs led them to take the leap into the professional field and continue their journey together in New Jersey.

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