Jaimee was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho to Jeral and Jenine Williams. She is the fifth of
eight children. After having four boys, her mother was elated to have another girl in the
family. Life was an adventure for Jaimee growing up on her father’s cattle ranch and
dairy farm. Although her father is a strong and tough cowboy, he always had a soft spot
for his girls.

At a young age Jaimee was drawn to dance. She started ballet at the age of five with
former principle dancers of the New York City Ballet, John Nelson and his wife Janice
James Nelson. She fell in love with dance and could not imagine life without it.

Despite her choice of hobbies; her family would not treat her as the Sugar Plum
Fairy, she was still one of the boys. Weekly chores had to be done on the farm, and
recreation time was filled with motorcycle riding, four wheeling, horse back riding and
hunting. Jaimee even received her own hunting rifle for Christmas when she was 15,
she was certainly not your typical ballerina.

Through high school, Jaimee became extremely driven. She wanted to do big things
with her life; she knew she needed to have extremely good grades and ACT scores so
she could be accepted to a great university. From an early age she was always looking
forward to the future, planning ahead and working toward accomplishing her goals.

High school was also the time that Jaimee discovered ballroom dance. She continued
to attend ballet classes frequently, but decided to try ballroom at Bonneville High. She
found it to be a lot of fun and she was able to meet new people. She would even meet
Travis at a summer dance camp near her home, but she was too focused on her future
to pay him any attention.

Although Jaimee’s grades qualified her to attend higher profile universities, Jaimee felt
strongly that she needed to begin her college career at Brigham Young University’s
campus in Rexburg, Idaho on an academic and ballroom dance scholarship. The time
at BYU-Idaho helped her further her passion for ballroom dance and she had many
wonderful experiences touring the U.S. and South America with the formation team.

After two years in Idaho, Jaimee decided to transfer to BYU in Provo, Utah. It would
afford her greater opportunities to achieve her goals, particularly in her scholastic
pursuits. She also continue to dance when she moved to Provo. The ballroom program
was much larger and more competitive in Provo, and pushed her to continue to improve

She quickly worked her way up to the top of the program, securing a position on the
company’s touring team. From the time she started dancing when she was five, Jaimee

has always stood out from the group.

The team provided Jaimee with even more opportunities to perform and compete. She
was also reunited with Travis, but still showed little interest. Travis had to trick her into
being his math tutor to get her attention.
After a few months, Jaimee didn’t mind tutoring Travis. He even managed to surprise
her on their first date with her favorite activity from home, shooting high powered rifles
and pistols. She began to see how much she cared for him.

A month long trip to China with the team, forced them to spend nearly 24 hours a day
together, as a result their bond became unbreakable. Soon after returning, they were
engaged, and married in September of 2008.

You can say the rest is history….

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