USDC 2011

For their first Professional National Championships, this was a great week for Travis and Jaimee!  They were certainly busy competing in five different events and were happy when it was all over.  Tuesday night they placed second in Rising Star American Smooth and fourth in the Theatre Arts.  They were finalists in the Cabaret and Semi-Finalists in the Open Professional American Smooth.  The future is looking bright for this couple.

Blackpool here we come!

The Nevada Star Ball was another successful weekend for Travis and Jaimee, winning both the Rising Star Smooth and the Showdance divisions, and placing in the Open Pro Smooth.  However, the most exciting part of the weekend was receiving an invitation to compete their Theatre Arts number in Blackpool at the British Championships by Mr. Len Armstrong.  This is a high honor considering it is still the first year of this couples professional career, and the Theatre Arts division at Blackpool is by invitation only; in contrast to the Ballroom and Latin events that are open categories to any and all who enter.   

Manhattan 2011

Manhattan Dancesport Championships have come and gone and was the largest event to date that Travis and Jaimee have attended.  For their first Manhattan, it went very well for them.  They were the winners of the Rising Star American Smooth and they placed third in the Showdance division with their new Cabaret.  Probably the most exciting accomplishment of the weekend was making the final of the Open Professional American Smooth, placing along side five U.S. Smooth finalists. 


Professional Debut

After moving to New Jersey and spending several months training with Gary and Diana McDonald, Travis and Jaimee make their first professional appearance at Le Classique du Quebec, in Montreal.  They had a great start taking second in the Open Pro Smooth.